colorful fitness equipment on wooden floor

Personal Training in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Sessions are 60 minutes and I bring a range of functional training equipment that can be used in a surprisingly small space within your home.  Creating training programs specifically to your needs and supporting you throughout your journey!  I believe that health and fitness should be enjoyable and not a punishment!  My aim is to make sessions as fun as possible whilst still guiding my clients towards their goals with creative workouts and realistic nutritional advice!


Combining a range of equipment  (TRX suspension trainer, Kettlebells, ViPR, BOSU, as well as bodyweight exercise), I can create you a program specific to your goals and needs that helps you get fit and strong!  Wherever you are starting from I can create a program that works for your body, and that takes into account any specific needs that you have!

Get in touch If you are ready to make the necessary changes in lifestyle and let me help motivate and guide you through the process!

If you have more specific training needs then I am experienced in anatomy and biomechanics and can create training programs to support injury and recovery, with an emphasis on corrective exercise and mobility!