Heartshape fruits and vegetables

I believe that daily movement and exercise is vital for optimal health, but equally as important as moving your body, is fuelling your body with nourishing foods!  If weight loss is your goal then you will only sees results when exercise, daily movement and good nutrition come together!

I don’t believe in diets and I don’t think meal plans work in the long term as adherence has to come from lifestyle changes that the client is invested in!  Rather I encourage small changes!  Change too much, too quickly, and none of the them are likely to stick!  I do not “subscribe” to one singular method or strategy as I have found what works with one client does not work with another.  I believe in eating wholefoods, and preparing and cooking for yourself as much as possible to avoid processed foods.  I work with my clients and their current lifestyle to coach them to start making better food choices.  I also believe that food is a joy and a pleasure in life!  Healthy eating  doesn’t have to be about denial but as with everything in life balance is key!