Why daily movement (walking) matters……a lot!

So here are 2 screen shots from my Fitbit!

There’s a pretty big difference between the two right!! More than 10,000 steps and 800 calories difference!

“Wow! I must have trained pretty hard to record that green page?” (You must be thinking 🤔). WRONG!!!

Both these days are actually a Sunday!  Sunday is my official day off and I like to take make sure they are relaxing so I am rested and can start the week well again on Monday. I rarely train on a Sunday!!

The big difference here is what I am calling “HEALTHY MOVEMENT”!

On the first day I was very lazy! Didn’t do much more than attend a family function (by car) and then come home and watch Netflix! 🙈.

On the 2nd day I was more active around the house! I spent a lot of time in my kitchen making soup and prepping some food for the week (…. and I might also have baked a cake!) And a I took a big long walk for 90 mins! The sun was shining and it was a rare lovely day in Scotland! None of this seemed like hard work or left me exhausted! In fact I felt super relaxed and content!

I understand that if you have a family then your Sundays might look a bit different!!  Please don’t think I am judging anybody! I think the take home from this is DAILY – HEALTHY -MOVEMENT matters a lot! However you can manage it? 10 minute walks to the shops or bank! Not having lunch sat at your desk! Getting off the couch and turning off Netflix! It all adds up and it will make a difference!

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